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Downloading ebrary E-books
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Due to our site's configuration via proxy server, students who wish to download must use the Facebook Sign-In feature. This may not be your preference, however, this is merely a work around method for authenticating until a more suitable method has been created by ebrary's engineers. Here are the steps for setting up your account with the Facebook Sign-In feature.

Go to your ebrary site using your computer’s browser and create an ebrary account. Click the "Sign in" button in the upper right hand portion of the screen and create yourself a free account. Besides allowing downloads, this feature will also allow you to keep a bookshelf and create notes when you use ebrary on a computer. Stay logged in.

You will still need to sign up for a free Adobe account. The account is not required to read but it is required to transfer files.

If you have not downloaded the ebrary app, you can do so from the App store. After logging into to the app via Facebook, you will also need to authorize Adobe so you will need the Adobe account information.

Download the ebrary app and away you go!